Friday, April 10, 2009

Creative Inspirations {Unique Desserts}

Many brides and grooms think they just have to have a wedding cake because it's expected of them, because it's tradition, or even just because mom wants them to cut something. But anything goes in weddings these days and often an unexpected dessert experience can bring an element of fun and surprise to your event! Everything from individual pastries, cupcakes and wedding ding dongs to sorbet, ice cream sundaes and candy bars can be served in lieu of cake - the sky's the limit. Just think of what your favorite sweet is and make that the ending to your wonderful wedding meal!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why Simply Wed?

I've had people ask me why by business name is Simply Wed. Aside from it just sounding great rolling off the tongue, and the fact that my family held court with me to figure out the best way to convey my idea, it does stand for something that I find very important. And, no, it is not the 80s band "Simply Red." (yes, I've seriously been asked that multiple times). It is so easy to get wrapped up in all the information overload available out there today that it isn't long before couples get overwhelmed and just kind of shut down. But planning a wedding should be fun, with as little stress as possible (let's be real, there's always gonna be a little bit!). Simply Wed's philosophy is that there is a way to be wed...simply. I keep my packages simple. I keep my documents simple. I keep my processes simple. I tend to keep my decor ideas simple. I just feel like, why complicate things more than they inherently are? So hopefully when people decide to work with me they get that feeling - that it's really not that hard to plan their wedding after all with a little Simply Wed guidance!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

We do it for the LOVE!

Well, I just completed my first 2-week wedding planning bonanza! I have to admit, there were a lot of details to be done and very little time, but the challenge of it all kept me going to make this wedding the best it could be. Jaime and Aaron are friends of friends, and they had some really fun and quirky ideas, so I just really wanted to do a good job for them and make all these ideas a reality. And you know what? It was quite possibly the hardest I've ever worked on a wedding day - but at the end of the night I was in good spirits and smiling. Because I got the greatest compliment possible - the bride and groom telling me it was the best wedding ever, everything was perfect, and that they couldn't have done it without me. And the cutest thank you note on a piece of coloring book paper - appropriately quirky just like they are. How could one not smile at that love! And their love for each other was so apparent, it just makes you want to keep on packing and cleaning up into the night. Because it's so worth it. I think us wedding planners...well, we do it for the LOVE! Stay tuned for pictures of this fabulously fun affair.