Monday, March 29, 2010

Seattle Wedding Mood Board {NW Jewel Tones}

Cher & Kris were wonderful clients of Simply Wed back in 2007, and I love how timeless everything they selected for their event has been. The wedding, which took place at The Canal in Ballard, was focused on showcasing the Northwest through various different elements. Perfect since both the bride and groom worked and met at Starbucks headquarters!

Multiple, deep colors of Dahlias were utilized with contrasting jewel-toned sheer overlays on the tables. Dahlias are a wonderful NW flower that are abundant during the late summer months when the wedding took place. The primary colors were a rich red and deep orange color used for not only the personal flowers, but in the Dahlia-themed letterpress print goods.

The food included all of Cher and Kris' favorites - sushi, dim sum, NW salmon and even prime rib sourced from a family friend. The music was provided by a local 2-man band called 2 Buck Chuck, also friends of the bride and groom. Even a friend Officiated their ceremony, making it a truly personal event.

Guests finished their meal with one of the most amazing chocolate cakes I've witnessed, a masterpiece in strawberries and ganache sculpture. As guests danced the night away to the live music, they were able to take in the views of boats cruising through the Ballard Locks - truly a Seattle Landmark.

Photos by Paul Sanders Photobiographer

Monday, March 22, 2010

Wedding Mood Board {The Fight 'til Death Do They Part! at Golden Gardens Bathhouse}

This unique and quirky wedding was ultimately planned in just about two weeks! It also ended up winning the 2009 ABC Award for Best Wedding Under $30K, which was so exciting as I absolutely adored this couple! I blogged about it previously, and as promised here are some wonderful details.

The goal was to create a wedding that was FUN for the guests with a variety of themes such as vintage boxing, the upcoming Easter holiday, carnival games and a Mexican feast. The weak of heart may have turned back at that point, but not Simply Wed! We took those themes and wove them together using the soft spring tones showcased on the gorgeous poster-sized invitations.

Jaime and Aaron's sense of humor came out with "the fight 'til death do they part" motif as they poked fun at the marriage institution that they were about to join. Only Jaime and Aaron would arm wrestle to see who got to sign the wedding certificate first...I'm pretty sure Jaime won, too.

The greatest thing about this wedding was how "guest-centric" it was - they were more concerned with doing things for their guests than for themselves. They went without a big wedding party and fancy flowers and instead opted for a carnival-games cocktail hour, an all-out Easter-candy bar and personalized Mexican cocktails. They even sent guests home with the flower-pot decor AND their favorite snacks, cinnapigs.

I know these pictures will put a smile on your face...enjoy!!
photos by Real Photography

Seattle Wedding Planner {Back in the Swing of Things!}

Well, as some of you may have noticed it's been about a year since I've blogged. Let's just say that along with focusing on my clients and my family that health and LIFE got to be part of the priority-mix during this time. But I've gotten the chance to work with so many inspiring people during this time that I thought - I need to tell somebody about them! So here I am , promising to try my best to be a good blogger. I guess that means you'll be hearing from me check back every week to see new pictures of wonderful weddings and to get great practical tips on everything you wanted to know but didn't think to ask about the wedding industry. Cheers!