Monday, March 22, 2010

Wedding Mood Board {The Fight 'til Death Do They Part! at Golden Gardens Bathhouse}

This unique and quirky wedding was ultimately planned in just about two weeks! It also ended up winning the 2009 ABC Award for Best Wedding Under $30K, which was so exciting as I absolutely adored this couple! I blogged about it previously, and as promised here are some wonderful details.

The goal was to create a wedding that was FUN for the guests with a variety of themes such as vintage boxing, the upcoming Easter holiday, carnival games and a Mexican feast. The weak of heart may have turned back at that point, but not Simply Wed! We took those themes and wove them together using the soft spring tones showcased on the gorgeous poster-sized invitations.

Jaime and Aaron's sense of humor came out with "the fight 'til death do they part" motif as they poked fun at the marriage institution that they were about to join. Only Jaime and Aaron would arm wrestle to see who got to sign the wedding certificate first...I'm pretty sure Jaime won, too.

The greatest thing about this wedding was how "guest-centric" it was - they were more concerned with doing things for their guests than for themselves. They went without a big wedding party and fancy flowers and instead opted for a carnival-games cocktail hour, an all-out Easter-candy bar and personalized Mexican cocktails. They even sent guests home with the flower-pot decor AND their favorite snacks, cinnapigs.

I know these pictures will put a smile on your face...enjoy!!
photos by Real Photography

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