Monday, April 26, 2010

Design Inspirations {Mixed Media}

One of my favorite things about working on weddings is helping people to design their perfect look. Inspirations can come from anywhere - I have designed entire events around the lining of an envelope, the look of an Anthropologie store, or the clipping from a fashion magazine. The sky is the limit when becoming inspired for your wedding, so this series called design inspirations will focus on what is inspiring me at the moment - inside and outside of the wedding world.

I am always walking around in my daily life when something will just stop me in my tracks...and grab me...and I know that I have to have it on my own office "inspiration board." This may be picked up by a client, or may just be there to make me happy for months on end. Either way, it's something that can be pulled into an event in touches as small as a texture on a table or as large as an entire color theme.

Take a look at what I found walking through Joanne's Fabrics when purchasing supplies for a recent wedding. The cover image by Kelly Rae Roberts (shown above) literally stopped me in my tracks on this day, and I was in love with what I found inside the magazine pages. All images are from Somerset Studio, a paper and mixed media magazine.

"One & One" designed by Chrysti Hydeck

"Breathe" designed by Raquel Joya with elements courtesy of Roben-Marie Smith

"With One Palette: Aqua, Cadmium Red & Indian Yellow" by Danita

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