Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Conception to Completion {Wedding Chalkboard}

I was recently inspired to do a little artwork for a lovely bride and groom of mine. The idea: to showcase their favorite NW beers and wines in a sidewalk-chalkboard-inspired fashion. I needed something large to make and impact, and the above framed chalkboard from Pottery Barn was just what I was looking for (minus the price tag). So I embarked on my week-long chalky journey!!

Using a large pre-fab frame, particle board, primer and black chalk board paint I came up with this doppelganger...after an admittedly ridiculous amount of hours.

I then researched all of the brand logos, websites and google images I could for the 5 local NW beers and the 2 wines. I created this pencil mock-up of the concept to the bride and groom to make sure I was on-par with what they were thinking. A few small changes...

And this was the final product! It was created using the fabulous (and must-have in the chalk art world) Chalk Ink pens. The same ones used on Starbucks reader boards world-wide...making me think I might just be of that caliber (ha!). I loved that they wanted to keep it fun and a little cheeky, allowing me to use a couple of the taglines of the unique brands.

I have to say I got so much feedback from the bartenders and caterers about this, it may just have to be a repeat performance! Just another unique and creative touch that Simply Wed can add to your wedding...enjoy!

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Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

This turned out great! If you ever need custom made chalkboards again you may want to check out my etsy shop. I make custom made chalkboards framed and unframed, any size and quantity:)
Your blog is awesome!
Have a great day!